Oct 28, 2010

The Advent of Waiting

I recently posted about being crafty this Christmas and making a few Advent calendars. Well, I finished all the orders and had some really fun paper left over. It got me to thinking about where Le and I were during this time last year. We had not yet received our referral and were gearing up for our last holiday as a family of 2. It was during those days of free time and anxiousness that I forgot how and what to pray for, so I developed the Advent calendar as a way to remind myself of what to pray each day.

So in honor of those families who are currently either in the adoption process or are wanting to start praying about adoption and adopting families, I've come up with the perfect Advent Calendar for you:

The Advent of Waiting Calendar. The paper envelopes are filled with specific prayers related to adoption: waiting (yes, there is 2 envelopes dedicated to waiting), paperwork, travel, finances, etc.

Pop on over to the Etsy shop here and get them today! Also, for each purchase of these adoption advent calendars, $10 will be donated to the adoptive family of your choice to help with their adoption costs. Please be sure to add the family name and either their email address or blog so I can donate the proceeds to the right place.


Julie said...

Lindsey, I just received our Christmas Advent package and love it! Thank you!!!

I love this new idea! I will be ordering soon for some friends. :)

Tracy said...

What a brilliant idea and a great way to focus your prayers during the wait!