Oct 3, 2010

The Daily Commute

The drive from Ruta's school to my office is about ten minutes. I am fortunate enough to arrange my schedule so that I usually get to drop her off and pick her up. We are at the stage with her language development that she asks the "whys" and "hows" of everything in her life. These q&a sessions are most prevalent during our daily commute from school. It is during these times that we are alone and she is not having to fight for my attention and I can focus on each of her questions. There have been some really great ones, some completely ridiculous ones, but only one has completely left me in tears.

We were talking about our upcoming Disney trip a few weeks ago and she was looking up at the sky and saw an airplane.

Ruta: "Mommy, why that airplane look so small?"

Me: "because it is really high in the air."

Ruta: "Mommy, can we jump and touch that airplane?"

Me: "No. It's REALLY high."

Ruta: "Is it so high that it is where God lives?"

Me: "God lives there but He also lives in your heart."

Ruta: "Mommy, what is He doing way up there?"

Me: "Well, He is watching over me and you. And Daddy and Alazar."

Ruta: "Mommy, how do we get to God?"

Me: "Well we can talk to Him anytime we want but when we die we actually get to go live with Him up there in Heaven."

Ruta: "Mommy, is that where my Ethiopia mommy is?"

Me: "Yes." (choking back tears)

Ruta: "Mommy, what is my Ethiopia mommy and God do up there all day?"

Me: "they are watching over us and wanting us to be good to one another and love one another."

Ruta: "Mommy, my Ethiopia mommy and God happy with me and you?"

Me: (tears streaming) "I think so baby girl. I think so."

Ruta: "Mommy, can we get ice cream today?"

Ruta's Ethiopia Mommy: I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be a second mommy to Ruta and Alazar. I pray that you are watching every smile and every laugh and are writing them down for me. For I know that I will forget some, but I cherish the day I can meet you face to face and I am praying that you are happy with me.


Lara said...

Oh my, I nearly cried reading this. What a sweet little spirit she has.

Leslie said...

Oh yes.... I pray for our boys first mother every day. I hope she is watching and approving.

Kelly Jo said...

Such a sweet moment!!

Gayla said...

Oh, my heart.

Can so relate...

Love you.

Theresa said...

You have me in tears. Adoption is very hard in so many ways.

Unknown said...

I read this at lunch and then had to reapply makeup. Read it just now and cried again. I love her heart, and yours. God bless the 1st mothers for the sacrifice that made other mothers "Mommy".

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

I think Ruta's mom is over-the-moon with you. :)

I love her follow up question to such a deep conversation - it made me laugh because I've had similar conversations with my oldest. if we could all be as sweet and simple as our kids!

Jenn B. said...
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Jenn B. said...

Somehow I deleted my last comment in trying to create a profile...sorry!
Having watched (or read rather) your journey to Ruta and Alazar unfold, I am positive that God and Ethiopia mommy are very happy with you. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!
p.s. I live in Oklahoma and have a firefighter husband too. We have 4 bio kids and are planning to start an Ethiopian adoption in February.

Jeff Seevers said...

Amazing post...

Tracy said...

*sniff* I'm crying reading this one, too!

What a precious conversation.