Aug 10, 2010

Maybe It Was Memphis

My blog has been silent the last few weeks. The giveaways were great and we raised over $200 for the Coach purse. Thank you to all who participated. With all the craziness around here, the Andrews Four decided to head out of town. We met up with one of our favorite families, whom we had never met in person.

Our dear friends, the Dales', drove up and met us in Memphis. I entered Memphis feeling exhausted, weary and on edge. I left three days later, revived, sparked and renewed.

I'm not sure if it was being in the presence of someone who TOTALLY gets what I'm about.

Or if it was because Beale Street was so electric it shocked my soul.

Or maybe it was the fact that the King was everywhere

Or the architecture, the food, the spirit of a place that is not home.

Or maybe it was having the four of us together, taking in something new together with new friends.

The combination of all of those things made for one amazing weekend and left this mommy smiling.


Leslie said...

It is great to see you having a fun time as a family of FOUR.

I got One Million Arrows today. Can't wait to read it. I'm going to need it here in a couple of weeks. Thank you my friend.

Christie said...

I love the family picture of the four of you at the end! It was so nice getting to meet you last night. Hopefully we'll see you again at future dinners!

Holly said...

We used to live is something else isn't it?
Glad you got to steal away some time as a family. Praying for the piece of your heart still in Ethiopia.