Jul 24, 2010

WINNERS & Still A Chance the Coach Purse!

Here are the winners of the book giveaway:

1.) One Million Arrows by Julie Ferwerda goes to Leslie of www.starrlooktotheworld.blogspot.com who is right now picking up her two precious sons in ET!

2.) Scared by Tom Davis goes to: Debi of http://jenkinsethiopiaadoption.blogspot.com

3.) Priceless by Tom Davis. When I drew for this one, two of the pieces of paper were stuck together, so Debi of http://jenkinsethiopiaadoption.blogspot.com and Jerry Bennett, an illustrator and friend (who you must look up on Facebook at The Illustrator Formerly Known as Jerry Bennett) are both going to win a copy!

4.) Radical by David Platt. Goes to Steffany at http://toliveloveandlaughtoday.blogspot.com

This was so much fun! Thank you for playing! There are still chance for you to win my brand spankin' new Coach purse. We've only raised $100 so far, so I am extending the giveaway until Monday morning. Please go to PayPal, donate $20 and give a girl in India the chance at being rescued from sex slavery.


Debi Jenkins said...

I'm so excited that I won! Thank you SO much!

Eve said...

Congratualtion to all you winners! :D

Erin Moore said...

I'm not sure Steffany needs a book on living RADICAL! That girl could write the book!

LOVE what you're up to Linz - wish I didn't procrastinate on this stuff!

Artist Jerry Bennett said...

Yay for sticky papers!!! Thank you!! I didn't even bother to look. Never usually win anything!

Micah said...

I'm gearin up for my next book to read...out of all the books posted...which one is the best?