Jul 21, 2010

The Price of Virginity

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine, Vince Giordano with Children's HopeChest, travelled to India to view the situation of children who are held in brothels. The things that he has described seeing while he was there makes me nauseous and just flat out makes me rage. During his travels, he learned about a woman who together with her husband run a very lucrative and open brothel where they do not even hide the fact that they provide children for sex. One of the biggest services provided are the procuring and delivery of young virgins to politicians, travelers and local POLICE OFFICERS! Are you raging with me yet?

As I wrestled with this information today, I was reminded of the movie Taken. In the film, Liam Niesen's daughter is kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. I won't spoil the film for you, but Liam has the opportunity as a former intelligence agent to save his daughter. He is placed in a situation where he is able to watch men bid on his daughter's virginity. The price in the movie reached a half a million dollars. And in the end, Liam's daughter is rescued (by some kick a** moves by one PO'd daddy) and her virginity is secured.

Now I know that Taken is just a movie, but this scenario is being played out in the back room of a dirty hell hole in India right NOW. And I can guarantee a little girl's innonence is worth much less to her attacker than $500,000. My daddy is my hero and I know if I was ever in trouble he would come running and would kick as much a** as it took to protect his daughter or die trying.
Tonight, we are giving you the opportunity to RUN to a girl who is in need. Tonight, an anti-trafficking organiation on the ground in India is preparing to raid this brothel in India and rescue up to 10 girls being held against their will. In order to prepare a raid, secure the authorities and personel and equipment only costs $125 a girl who is rescued. $125 to secure a girl's innocence. I don't know what makes me more ill, that it only costs $125 to rescue a child or how many children could have been rescued by the excess money I've spent on ridiculous things (like my Coach purse).

Tonight as I tucked Ruta into bed, I knew what I would do to protect her innocence and for every other child in the world, they deserve the same kind of passion and outrage that arise in my soul when I think of someone hurting my own children.
I've been re-reading through the new testament and there are several images of Jesus that have stood out to me. Yes, he was compassionate and full of love, but when he approached the temple and saw the money lenders defiling his Father's house, he made a whip and drove them out. And when Jesus is preparing the disciples for his impending death. He tells them in verse Luke 22:36 "...and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

Tonight, I am asking you to draw your sword and kick open the door for a child who may never have another chance at freedom.

You can read more about the rescue plan for these children here.

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