Nov 23, 2009

A Really Great Gift

On December 10th, Le and I will have been married for 5 years. I have wondered for awhile what to get him. 5 years is a long time and is deserving of a really good gift; however, with work, the upcoming holidays and preparing everything for the adoption, I have been out of ideas and I know that Le has been too.
During the past few months we have been gearing our church up to sponsor 600 orphans in Uganda for our Christmas project. Yesterday was the first day that our church heard the announcement of the project and they got to watch this video. I am usually a very emotional person, but yesterday watching the Holy Spirit move through 700 people as they watched the video was almost more than I could bear. I was shaking and as I looked over at Le, I saw that the tears were not just flowing from my face but his. I've always known how passionate I was about this project, about orphans and I knew that Le was supportive, but the best gift that he could possibly have given me this anniversary was a front row seat to his heart! I love you sweetheart!

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George said...

We had our 5th anniversary this year too...congrats to you both!

My husband bought me a gorgeous wooden box from be used for collecting memories from our adoption journey. I guess because wood is the gift for a 5 year anniversary too.

Here it is:

I keep it on my dresser and add small items as we get closer to bringing our daughter home.