Nov 6, 2009

A Perspective on Waiting

This process has taught me so much about myself. Who I am, what I want out of life and what I want for our children is more clear to me. Waiting for the call has definitely been the hardest part. Le and I program every day of our lives around it. Before we leave the house, we know where we are going to be all day, we check and double check our that we have our cell phones. My legal assistant knows my schedule to a tee and I don't go anywhere without telling everyone that if Gladney calls, the whole world stops. My clients know why I carry a cell phone, almost every Judge I practice in front of knows why I continually check my phone and their office staff knows about the adoption and are always asking me if we have any news. You would think that having everyone you know ask you about the adoption process would ever get old, but we are like to magpies who can't shut up when asked. We love the opportunity to talk about Africa, Ethiopia, adoption, or kids, travelling, etc.
But the other day I got to feeling really guilty. What if Le and I spent as much time planning for Jesus' return as we did for getting our adoption call? If we took every opportunity to talk about Jesus, watch every action and plan out our day around being Jesus's hands and feet. Forgive me Father, for again thinking more about my plans than yours. Help my heart be drawn to those things that break yours and give me the strength to be obedient. I am broken for my children and I do want them home, but I need to remember that we are ALL your children and you long for each one of us.


Unknown said...

The was the point of the message at church last week. (I missed it but my friend gave me the high lights.) A large part of our work here, a large part of the reason we are here is to bring people to Jesus. We are called to bring a bride to Christ just like Abraham's servant brought a bride to Isaac. I get so busy in my day to day life (and I'm not even waiting for a phone call :) ) that I don't look for the oportunities to share Christs' love for those in need.

One thing that helps us to share Jesus with others is graditiude for all He has done for us. This song brings me to graditiude and makes me want to share about His love.

David Crowder Band - How He Loves

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

I was thinking the same a few weeks ago as I planned and replanned an outfit for a night out with friends. how often do I do that when I go to church on sunday? never! hello??!!! I'm going to see Jesus! but He still loves us, no matter what. :)

Nikki said...

A wonderful reminder for me this morning. Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, get caught up in 'me' and forget to constantly keep my face on Him.

And PLEASE email any time! I may not answer immediately, but please don't hesitate! I've thought of you guys, too, so much!

Erin Moore said...

Ouch! Talk about convicting!