Nov 13, 2009

The First Gift of Christmas

Almost 5 years ago, Le and I were married on December 10th. The movie The Polar Express had just been released and Le had taken me to see it as our last date before our wedding. On our wedding day, as Le was walking down the aisle, he was carrying a bell and attached to that bell was a golden ticket which said "Lindsey, you are my first gift of Christmas." Ever since then, buying the first gift of Christmas has been a big deal for me. This year, it's a big deal for a number of reasons. I thought about buying something for our child(ren) but since they won't be home for Christmas this year, I thought no. But what about giving a gift to someone that I will never meet? that I don't know? that I may never meet? I LOVED the idea. So this year, the first gift of Christmas will be for an organization called "Water For Christmas" which donates the money directly to charity:water (which was my birthday gift from so many of you.). For only $10 you can give one person clean water for 10 years!

Today, right now, before you finish reading this, go here and give $10 and make your first gift of Christmas something that will be remembered forever.


Shannon Plumb said...

It is so eye opening to think that something that we waste while brushing our teeth is something so precious somewhere else! LOVE CHARITY:WATER!

Tam and Kai - NYC said...

This is a super charity.
Thanks for posting!