Nov 12, 2009

A New Theme Song

I have a new theme song this week. I've heard it before but it has never held the same meaning that it does now. I know that I am to be patient and WAIT, but I really want my kids. But while I am waiting, I will be obedient and I will worship and praise my Father. He knows the desires of my heart and they will come to pass and it is not going to be on my terms. And while all of that drives me crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way!



This has been our theme song as well. It fits our journey, doesn't it?

Ashley said...

Love this song! I've had my seasons where this was my theme song too. What an encouragement! said...

Wow, so TRUE!!!!

Ann Andrews said...

Wow! That has a very powerful message. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, love and desires.

I love you!

Mom A.

Beautiful Mess said...

That is an amazing song! Thank you for sharing.

I was told about it yesterday and just "happened" to find it here. Too neat!


Brandi said...

My new favorite son....LOVE when the Lord gives me theme songs for seasons...I've downloaded it and listen to it on repeat often!

thanks my friend