Sep 21, 2009

Nine Weeks Waiting and Love in Odd Places

This has been the only man in my life lately. Le's class continues and Walter and I have spent a LOT of time hanging out. It is good that frenchies are so good at giving out love, 'cause I've needed a lot of it lately. I am so stressed out from work, doing everything around the house and the pressure of the wait, is really getting to me, but coming home has been fun because Walter is always happy to see me. But only six more days and I will have my husband back. And after nine weeks of waiting, the courts open soon, so maybe that mean we will be getting a referral soon.


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

is that what's going on? how did I miss that the courts were closed? :(

cute doggie!

stay strong and faithful.

A&W said...

praying for you, lindsey!! hang in there, girl!