Sep 8, 2009

Madam President

I am what some would consider a strong willed person. I can be pretty pig headed at times, ok, most of the time. It takes a lot to change my mind and I jump to conclusions pretty fast. I use to tell my family, even as a small child, that my future was in politics. I would be the first woman governor of my State, maybe even President. I would change policies that made my state and nation a better place to live, blah, blah, blah. I joined every political group at my university and then again in law school. Even as I began my career, political aspirations floated over my head like a cloud. I loved the excitement, the debate, the thrill of victorious elections, and then I grew up. Maybe not grew up, maybe I just grew out of that phase in my life.
I was always terrified until a few years ago of being a mother. I didn't understand how someone could devote their entire life to the health and happiness of someone else. To put another's needs first and not think about your next career move, but to think about how a physical move might effect what kind of school your child went to. But then again, falling in love does something to a person. It changes our way of thinking and I never understood that until I fell for Le. And starting pondering a family, then dreaming, then awaiting the moments of soccer practice, school projects and leaving the office early for a dance recital were a part of my average routine.
Today, as I sit here, nothing bores me more than a political debate. Oh, I love the policies and procedures of how laws are made and what effect that has on us a people, but the chore of watching two blowhards debate an issue, which they will only dilute and diminish into a whisper of what it is really about makes me sick. I can't imagine how I ever lovingly spelled out "Governor" before my last name. I would much rather simply be known as having one great career in my life: MOM.
I am then reminded of someone else whose sole career was to love another and I am thankful to the Father that He loved us enough that He sacrificed his son, so that I may know what love is really all about. Thank you Father, for the change in priorities and the love for a child(ren) that I still have never seen, but that You hold safely in your care. I am truly blessed to have already been chosen by YOU to be their earthly mom, a career that I cannot wait to begin. Politics would have been easy...this will be the most rewarding.


Ann Andrews said...

Wow! You always amaze me. What lucky children! They are waiting patiently in His "loving care".
I love you!
Mom A.

Tracy said...

It is neat to see how God sometimes gives us new dreams!

I'm glad to have joined you on the wait list!

Jman's momma said...

Isn't it simply beyond amazing to watch our Father at work. Praising Him for your family, your children who will take over your world :)

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

loved this post - so sweet and true!

then again, you just might write one day about how with all the constant running, nose wiping, birthday parties, laundry, you can't believe that listening to two grown adults debate policy for a few hours is your new idea of fun!! haha. :) it's amazing how priorities change so quickly!

so happy for you and Le!

Erin Moore said...

this post speaks to my heart....which the Lord has been busy transforming lately.