Sep 28, 2009

10 Weeks Waiting and Ngariam

Today was 10 weeks of waiting. I WANT my kids! I want to see their faces and know who they are, but lately there has been a different group of kids on my heart. You see, my church is sponsoring a village in Uganda. A village called Ngariam. I asked you all a few weeks ago to pray for my friends as they visited this region in Uganda. Not only did they meet my "Ugandan kiddos", they loved on them, fed them and prayed for them. Soon, I will be asking all of you to join together with my church and sponsor and pray over these amazing faces. My amazing friends Dan and Sarah Smoker, put this video together of the precious children of Ngariam. I am honored to share it with you. While I am waiting to meet my children, I am praying for these children, who by YOUR faithfulness, giving and prayer will be fed, loved and provided for, just as JESUS asked of us. Dan and Sarah, you both ROCK!

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