Aug 11, 2009

Pressed On My Heart

I recently ran across a woman's blog in Tennessee, with which I have fallen in love and who is doing great things that need to be shared. I read it all the time, as she is an amazing adoption advocate and encourager to those who have, will or want to adopt. But more than that her organization is an amazing example of being Jesus to those who need him most. Her organization is called Ordinary Hero and it is simply a challenge for all of us to be more involved with those who are in need. The site also puts up information about children who are waiting in orphanages across the globe. I fell in love with two brothers a few weeks ago and I want to help them find their forever home. Go to this site. Go to "waiting children". Look for the two boys called "Precious Brothers". Pray about what role you are to play in their lives: -prayer warrior? -advocate? -mother? -father?


tolla said...

how do I start the process?, this is Ethiopians blog they have a different idea about adoption.

Unknown said...

Tolla-the boys are with All God's Children International adoption agency. Their website is If you are interested in adopting them, contact AGCI directly. Thanks for your interest!

The Busters said...

Hi Lindsey! I found that blog recently too and if you haven't already I recommend you read her personal blog. She takes some of the best photos and they just reach out and grab your heart! I am glad you are getting the word out!