Aug 30, 2009

God Be The Solution

There are days that the statistics and sheer number of people who are in need over power me. It hurts my heart and all I want to do is cry. To shut down and hide would be the easy solution. But then I am reminded that it is my Savior who is mightier than hunger, clothing, famine, war and poverty. And it is only through my Savior that this world will be saved.

I had a very amazing weekend last weekend which introduced me to some great warrior women and some great Hillsong music. The song "Solution" has stuck with me all week (thanks Amy) and this week as my precious friends begin their travel to Uganda to be the hands and feet of Jesus, may those of us who are left behind begin to think, plot and plan how WE can be the hands and feet in our everyday lives to those in need. And remember, that GOD is the solution, we just to be lucky enough to be invited to aid Him while He works. Thank you Jesus for finding anything worthwhile in me to allow me to join YOU in this journey.
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Amy said...


So awesome! And I echo your post - God, what do You require of us?? We know it is NOT to stare while broken nations dream. So, Jesus, engage us in Your dream for the least of what OUR part is to play because we KNOW You have a part for us! Help us to surrender everything for You, Lord. Would you be glorified among the nations...and next week in Uganda as we encounter Your face in the faces of children in need. Break us, move us, use us, Father.

Love you, Lindsey and am so thankful that you are part of the Solution for these little ones.

Brandi said...


LOVE this song lately. . I especially love the prayer part at the end (I have the live version). . oh my dear, it moves me to prayer every time.

Love you girl