Aug 15, 2009

Missing Husband

It's no big secret that Le and I spend a lot of time together. It's one of the many reasons I married him, we are just good together. When I was in law school I use to leave our house early in the morning to study and come back late at night, but the weekends were a respite from the books and time for Le and I hang out and reconnect. Recently he's had to sign up for an EMT intermediate course for the fire department which crams 16 weeks worth of material into 6 weeks! And between him working two jobs,class and studying, the only thing weekends are reserved for is coffee, workbooks and reading.

So if you should pass this man on the street, and he looks tired and frazzled, it's because he hasn't had a day off for over a week now and the next five aren't looking good either. The only positive is that he will be too busy to notice when I paint the walls of our kids' room! I love you sweetheart and am so proud of you.


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

geez, and I thought my husband was busy? :) one of my perks when harold was off in class or studying was free reign to decorate/re-arrange our house, too! can't wait to see the future room.

ps: today we sold lucia's crib. the only reason I didn't break down and cry is because now my office will be in that room and the current office will now be a guest room/future-kids-room! yay!!

much more to say - will email you this week! been praying for you all!!

Rena Samples said...

Oh my goodness girl! This is soo how I felt when Mike was in school. Not to mention I was pregnant at the time and we were trying to build the nursery. I was so miserable without him! Hang in there though! Call me if you should need anything! hugs!