Aug 6, 2009

Advocate for Those Who Can't

I have a really amazing friend who is looking for some help. You see, she is a passionate advocate for children all across the world, trying to secure sponsorship for children who need medicine, food, shelter and school. But as amazing as my friend is, she cannot do this without God's help. And God needs YOU to help. And my friend and I want YOU too! Want to know how to help? Go here, educate yourself, blog, facebook, twitter, and tell everyone you know about how God is using YOU to change the life of a child you may never meet, but who will never forget what you've done for them. (P.S. Thanks Bran for all that you let God do through you! Love that about you!)


Brandi said...

you are so precious!! thank you


Stephanie said...

I found your blog through your husband, I called to place an order at S&S and I told him my story, he shared yours with me. I think you are amazing and I'm so glad that you are praising and thanking God even through the storm. I want you to know that you have one more follower, one more person praying for you guys and one more supporter as you go through your wonderful journey.

God bless you both

Megan N said...

Lindsey, I just wanted to tell you, that I feel grateful to have a friend to pick me off the couch and allow me to see God's work and get involoved! It is something I have talked about, yet now I am able to be active! Through your greatness you have added many followers and I am behind you gathering more! Thank you for being such a great person & I am so thankful for you allowing me to be a part of this wonderful time in your life! I pray for your children, yet not anxiously. For I know that God has them secured, waiting for you! I can't wait to pick up my little nieces/nephews!!!!!!! :) Love you!