Jul 8, 2009

Slap In The Face.

I watched this video several weeks ago when a friend played it for me. I was almost in consolable after I finished watching it. Obviously the boy at the end of the video spoke to me a lot. It is so hard for me to watch kids suffering, but knowing that one or more of those children belong to Le and I just makes the ache that much more deep. And then I have to remind myself of how selfish I am. All of us, no matter where we live, belong to God and how His heart must be breaking all of the time...for each and every one of His children who are hurting.

God forgive me for too long ignoring the suffering of others. I know that Your heart breaks for them. Thank You, for continually breaking mine so that my eyes may be opened.


Kristi J said...

wow, what a strong video..thanks for sharing...AND thanks for your comment tonight...kristi

Becky said...

thank you for your sweet comment...now i'm excited to follow along on your journey.

whitneypratt@ymail.com said...

thank you for posting this song/video. very touching.