Jul 7, 2009

Next Stop....Wait List!

Today was Le and I's appointment at the Immigration Office here in OKC. It was quick and painless. The next step in the process is that it will take several weeks for Immigration to approve us and once we have the approval, it will need to authenticated. Once authenticated, our documents ("the dossier") will be sent to Ethiopia. And we will be officially on the wait list! Being on the wait list means that our agency will begin searching for a match to our profile and once we have a "match", we will know who are child/ren are going to be!


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

AWESOME!!!! so you guys haven't decided yet on one, two, three or four? ;) I guess I thought that was decision number two, after picking the country. how exciting! :)

Sarah said...

Rejoicing with you! Soon this day will come for us. But until then, hugs all around to you sweet one.

And thanks for splashing around with me today and leaving such a sweet note of encouragement.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

The Mathews Family said...

It's so fun to watch other families journey along with us. Looks like you will be on the waitlist soon!!! So exciting! God is good...He is faithful!



Melodie Monberg said...

Hey, you are almost there...well, almost ready to wait some more! smile

It is exciting to watch all these journeys to our children. I will be reading and praying alongside you!


Amber said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. I love to meet new people. I will put you on my blog roll! I look forward to hearing more through your journey. Adoption has been one of the most emotional but best experiences! We are blessed and you will be too!