Feb 6, 2014

A Great Opportunity To Change A World

             I started blogging five years ago to chronicle our adoption process into Ethiopia. Throughout that time, you as blog readers have teamed up with me to do some other amazing things. We sold a book, we sent some kids to school, sold over 500 t-shirts to benefit adoption families, and we've prayed over families stuck in the adoption process.

             Sometimes it is the only reason why I even keep this blog around; to keep begging you dear readers into using our collective power for good. It's snowy and ridiculously cold this morning in Oklahoma. I am supposed to be working, but an email from one of my favorite organizations has sent my heart into passion mode.

Here's a portion of the email:

"HopeChest is facing a dire situation in Uganda where approximately 800 unsponsored children are facing a severe outbreak of Hepatitis E. This is a brand new area where HopeChest has no presence or ministry established.  You, as a sponsor in Uganda, certainly understand what I'm talking about.  As a board member and fellow ministry partner, I'm asking for your help to raise $10,000 in emergency funds to provide a clean water well in Ongongoja. That's $12.50 per kid. Will you join me by making a gift today?"

The Hero and I have seen what amazing things sponsorship can accomplish and you guys know I am eternally passionate about clean water. Often in these situations, I throw my heart up to God and ask what can I possibly do to make any difference in this world. But today, with this situation, I need only look to my right and see a possible answer. There are still four remaining boxes of I Walk For Water books stacked in my office. This entire weekend, if you go to the "Buy It Now" button on the side of this blog, and buy a book, $8 from the sale of each one, will be donated to build this well in Ongongoja, Uganda. I'll even sign them for you.

You can also go straight HERE and donate directly to the well project through Children's HopeChest.

****As of this morning, Hopechest has already raised $4100 toward the well!! Let's finish it before the weekend.

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