Mar 19, 2012

Small Group Isn't So Small Any More

When The Hero and I decided to adopt almost three years ago,
we prayed for a lot of things.
Direction, guidance, finances, patience were all at the top of our list.
But we knew that in addition we would need an army to stand behind us.
People who would lift us up in prayer and in spirit.
We didn't know anyone who was adopting or had ever adopted
and we begged heaven to send us people to walk this journey with us.

Like He usually does, God gave us more than what we expected.
We didn't know it at the time, but God had formed a small group from our church
that began meeting at our house once a week to decide how to do life;
and how to do it together.

Several months into our meetings, we learned that two other couples
were praying about their roads to becoming families.
Of the four families, only one had kids at the time.

This picture was taken last month at our house.
Every kid in this picture is adopted.
I love watching God work.
We know have to meet at church for small group and hire a babysitter to watch
the EIGHT kids between our five families.

Small group isn't so small any more.

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Lari said...

and isn't it a beautiful sight? Makes me smile...a lot!