Feb 29, 2012

Speaking in Public.

I don't scare very easily, but this last Saturday, I was definitely shaking in my sparkly pink TOMS. Westmoore Community Church held their annual women's conference and asked me to come speak about our adoption and sponsorship opportunities through Children's HopeChest and the work we do in Ethiopia through LoPa.
I'm used to public speaking, but speaking in front of a group of women is the scariest thing I've ever done and my own personal nightmare. Remember, I have girl issues.
We had done a run through on Friday night and I thought I would be holding a hand held microphone for my talk. Imagine my surprise when they hooked me up to a wireless mike ten minutes before I was to start.
I had been really good at controlling my breathing and not staring at the 200 individual female faces staring towards the stage. But about 10 minutes before I was to go on, I suddenly had the urge to tinkle. "You should go" i told myself, just in case, despite the fact I went 5 minutes prior.
I hurried into the little girls room and locked myself in a stall. I turned to unhook the battery pack from my belt loop and my sweaty hands slipped against the plastic of the case of the mike and...
I watched in slow motion as the battery pack hurled itself into the toilet. I felt myself scream but it was too late.
That was it. I'd never be asked to speak again.
Or I'd permanently have attached to my resume, the woman who sinks expensive audio equipment.
If I was nervous before, I was terrified now.
The urge to tinkle had vanished and I bolted from the stall as if I was being chased. The audio guy was already having a bad day since he was the only testosterone in a sea of estrogen, so my little accident was not good news. I was almost sobbing when he realized he not only had to fix my mike, but also calm me enough so the next speaker spot wasn't filled with a crying, hysteric woman who babbled about toilets and microphones. He graciously took my wet mess of equipment, repeatedly assured me he'd fix it, but I'd have to use a hand mike for my talk.
I nodded and then I was being introduced.
There was no more time to be nervous, only time to get going.
I clenched my Bible and my notes and griped the hand held microphone. I prayed that God would be glorified and that my voice would carry His message.
My 30minutes flew by and I only cried once (& it wasn't about the mike incident)!
It was an amazing time sharing how God used our family's story for lifting up His heart and LoPa got to display a booth to continue to raise awareness for what we do in Ethiopia. Thank you so much Westmoore Community Church for letting me share.

At the time of this posting, the microphone is fixed and continues to be in use. Whew!

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Unknown said...

Lindsey, I still remember when you and Lee stood up in front of the church with the other members of your organization and introduced the church to the community you still support in Uganda.You and Lee are such powerful leaders for God's cause and I am honored to know you. Thank you for doing this blog so I can keep up with you all on your journey. I hate that God said to leave WCC for a different path, but as you know when God says go we must go.