Sep 2, 2011

What We Really Need

Many of you have written asking what you can do

or send

or give

while we are in Ethiopia.

The Hero and our travel group have talked

and prayed about it a lot.

The team has decided that we are loaded and ready to go.

But on a personal note, there is only one thing we really need:



PRAY some more.

Pray for my flight anxiety.

I HATE to fly.

Pray for our team.

Individually and collectively.

That we would be at every moment, the hands and feet of the One who sent us.

Pray for The Angel and The Dinosaur.

We've never been away longer than two nights at a time.

Pray for this momma's heart.

I'll leave part of here and leave the rest of it in Ethiopia.

If you are interested in writing a guest post while we are out,

send your post to andrews dot africabound at gmail dot com

by Monday night.

1 comment:

cal+claire said...

lots of prayer is headed your way!