Mar 8, 2011

Just How I See Them

I've been writing stories since I was six years old. It's probably my vivid imagination but most people I meet, I relate them to either a character I've written or someone else who has written a similar character. Writing was my first designated profession to my parents; my dad broke down in tears and swore I'd have to live with them forever. I was ten at the time. I enjoyed it so much, I made it my major in college. But academia was hard on my talent and I felt myself writing more and more just for my own outlet instead of a career aspiration.
Like a lot of people, I dreamt of writing a novel. Princesses, fairies, dragons and sword fights across the printed page seemed like great fun. I never had the desire to write either a children's book or poetry.
There's a reason why someone a lot smarter than I said "Never say Never."
It's almost a guarantee that God changes your course.
We were together three days in Ethiopia when I wrote them their first lullaby.
They are the source of almost every non-legal thing I write.
Since I've started writing about them, whether here, in my journal or on one of the may legal pads that dot my house, car and desk, the way I see them has changed.

Ruta will forever be The Angel.

Alazar is definitely 100% visualized as The Dinosaur.
Boyhood mischief and destruction wrapped in his own shroud of grins and belly laughs.

And Le is the hero.
In every situation of my life,
Each new circumstance,
I always paint him as the hero.
A respite from my chaotic world.
And only the pictures in my head seem sufficient.
So if the coming weeks you read more about The Angel, The Dinosaur and the Hero, the characters of my life have not changed,
simply the way I see them.

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