Mar 7, 2011

I came home from work tonight and made a pie.
I would love for you to believe it looked like this:

Ha! Right!
I don't even know who took that picture.
Today was one of those days.
The crust was too hot.
The cool whip didn't thaw completely.
And we were left with this mess:

And while I was too focused on the laundry,
the bills, taxes, work and homework,
my kids were over the moon that there was pie.
Lord, help me be more like my kids.
Every day is dessert and I want to enjoy every bit of it.
No matter what it looks like.

1 comment:

Debi Jenkins said...

That looks about what a pie I would attempt to make would look like. But at least you can say you tried! And, you created laughs for the family!