Mar 26, 2010

Home & Some Major Adjusting

We are officially home! When we landed in Dulles, I teared up at the thought of being on U.S. soil again. I cried in Denver when we stepped off the plane and some DEAR friends of our had driven to the airport to spend 15 minutes with us in between our flights. But I bawled when we landed in OKC and saw the sight of our family and friends!

The kids are adjusting to life at home okay. Alazar still is not sleeping through the night, which is draining us all. Alazar also hates our dogs, so we are having real issues about what to do next. There are so many things about our trip to write about, but I'm not ready to fully process them. It hurts too much. And crying while doing laundry just doesn't fit my personality, although the amount of laundry I now do in a day would bring any sane woman to tears.

Here are some pics of our trip:

Alazar's first pic with his daddy:
Mommy and her girl's first pic together:

She's just SOOOO perfect!

Footie pajamas are still the cutest!

Tickle fights with Daddy:


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

yay... welcome home!

lindsey, they are gorgeous and look so, so happy! what a true blessing.

I was NEVER a crier and I always laugh that my oldest child pullet out my emotion plug when she was born. I cry over every lil thing with them - the good and the bad. bring on the tars! :)

Micah said...

Lindsey...I am sooo happy for you...they are both beautiful!!!! I could cry right now.

Ellen Enright said...

I'm so glad y'all are home!!!! What a happy family!!
Nati was TERRIFIED of the dogs also when he came home. He got over it in about a week.

Robyn said...

Welcome home! You have a beautiful family!

Heidi said...

Almost crying tears of joy for you!! It is so beautiful to see you all united. I have been worrying about how our boys will adjust to the dogs and I figure it's going to be rough going for a while. I hope he adjusts soon, and with the sleep issues too, as I am sure it's pretty stressful for all of you! Hang in there. It will get easier!


P.S. Take your time getting pictures to us. I'm sure you have your hands full!

Mrs. McGoo said...

welcome home!!!!!!!!!
Your children are beautiful and we cannot wait to see how God continues to unfold your stories together! What a beautiful testimony your family is to God's love and His awesome provision!

love the tickle fight photo - shows TRUE HAPPINESS!!!

JG said...

SOOOO happy for you! It's so wonderful to see pictures of you with your kids. You are a beautiful family!

Theresa said...

Welcome home! It is a big adjustment but you will get through it. And it is okay to cry! I am still crying and I've bene home for almost 3 months. It is hard!!! Hugs to you.

emily said...

Welcome home. Love the pics, excited to see more--after you get some sleep and laundry done of course. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

b-e-a- utiful! Praying for you! Lifting up your family!

Welcome home!

Rebecca said...

Glad you made it home safely!!

It will get better. Believe me, you'll get used to the lack of sleep...although I can't say that the new emotional Lindsey will go away :) I think becoming a mother just makes you emotional.

PS Eli saw the picture of Alazar and said "That's Eli!" I told him no, that's Alazar and he said "I want to play with Alazar". We're ready for a playdate when you guys get settled!

Erin Moore said...

Welcome home!

I love seeing you all together! It's the fruition of so many of my prayers! Our Father is awesome!

Yeah, and about the crying - um, get used to it. I'm a totally cry-baby freak now. I cry when my son scores a basket at a basketball game, I cry at the end of kids movies, I cry looking at your pictures. Um yeah. Welcome home mommy!!!

Love you!

Tam and Kai - NYC said...

Congratulations & welcome home!
You have a very beautiful family and I love how happy you all are together.
Best of luck with your next step of settling in. I'll be following along for tips & insight :)

Cassandra Britt said...

Beautiful!! So happy for you!!!! I will never forget your sweet children!!

Jude said...

oh my word... tearing up as I read this, and see those precious faces! Congratulations!! My older son looked, and said, "oh, look... so happy!" :)
God is good indeed!!