Mar 19, 2010

2nd Update From Addis

We were unable to change our flights to come home earlier and while we are REALLY homesick, we are excited for all of the things we are experiencing here in Addis. This place is beautiful. hard. life changing. And a constant reminder that we must treat EVERYONE like Jesus would. We are still unable to upload pictures, but I promise that the camera is full and I will update as soon as we get home.

Hugs and Love,

The Andrews Family


Leslie said...

Just keep enjoying those beautiful children of yours

jamullins said...

Praying for you all!

Ann Andrews said...

Can hardly wait ... counting the hours! Anxious to hear all about your experiences and to LOVE ON OUR GRANDCHILDREN! Love you all and are praying for you and your safety. Grandma & Grandpa

Beautiful Mess said...