Jan 17, 2013

When It's Ok to Hug The Cashier

Today was one of those days. Long. Rough. Too many emotions at the office. I headed home until I realized that there was hardly anything in the fridge for dinner. I turned the car toward the store. I bought a few things to make and a few cold ones for the hubby and I to share after the kids went to sleep.
The cashier who couldn't have been older than twenty, seemed to have had as bad a day as I had. He forced a "hi. How are you?" ANd I responded with a bland "Good. Thank you."
When he scanned through my six pack, he asked for my identification. As he glanced at it and handed it back, he laughed "there is no way you are that old."
It struck me as hilarious and ridiculous and made my day all in one statement. I was exhausted and cranky and here this kiddo was telling me I couldn't be old enough to buy six beers. I laughed and told him that for a statement like that I should hug him.
He flippantly responded that after the day he just endured he would gladly take a hug. He went on to tell me he had just buried his best friend's dad today, who had been like a father to him. The tears started to well up in he and I both and I asked him why he was at work. Because it wasn't his immediately "family" he was unable to ask for time off of work. I smiled at told him that my kids were adopted and that family is the people you choose, not only the people who you were born to.
He wiped away some tears and nodded. And then I gave him a giant bear hug. I just felt as thought he needed it. He laughed and thanked me.
It just seems like this world is begging to be loved and to give love. Go out and give love away. Even your cashier may need it.
- Hugs n Love,

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