Dec 18, 2012

Icing on the...gingerbread houses

Last weekend was the best I can recall in some time.
My niece and nephew stayed with us and it was laughs and games and
fun most of the weekend.
As Sunday drew long, I was dreading for them to go home.
It had been so long since we were all together
and I had a camera ready,
that I just had to add icing to the whole weekend.

By making gingerbread houses.

Each of the kids had their own house, and they had a blast decorating them
and eating what didn't stick to the icing.

It was all-around good times and exactly what the holidays were meant to be.
Togetherness, fun and icing.
You can never go wrong with icing.


Dec 12, 2012

One of my favorite people and Ethiopian travelling companions called yesterday.
She was working on a blog post about K, she and I's friendship and the book.
As we talked, she was perusing her pictures from last year's trip to Ethiopia.
She asked me if she had sent me all of the photos from her camera.
I couldn't remember if she had or not.
So I told her to email them to me just in case.
I did.

But this one is my absolute favorite!
Probably of all time.

I have less than 200 still in my possession.
I am blown away and truly humbled by all of this and I am honored that you all have supported me so much through it all.
I just can't wait to sell the remainder so we can start planning the REAL, clean WATER solutions!
So if you want to order, click on the BUY NOW button and order before Friday, so I can ship it for Christmas.
You can now find the book on Amazon and Barnes and
If you received your book and loved it, please go to these websites and rate the book.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.

Dec 10, 2012

That's Your Job.

Almost 250 books have left my hands in the last two weeks.
Another 500 are being distributed by Amazon, and several private book stores.

I am excited, humbled and amazed that you all have been walking this journey with us.
The Hero asked me what I was going to do when this was over.
When all 1000 books are sold and we've chosen a site for the well.
I told him I really wasn't sure.
A really great friend is leaving for Ethiopia in the coming months.
She offered to take a copy of the book with her and read it to K.
It sounded great.
K would see the book in record time and would have a copy to keep.
I was telling The Hero her offer the other night.
He let me finish.
"Linz. Reading your book to K is only one person's job.
I love it when he's right.
Just the thought of another trip to Ethiopia makes my heart leap.
I don't know dates or times or length.
But the last copy of my book left in my possession is already spoken for.

Dec 9, 2012

Where are We?

It's been a few days since our last post. I've been to Texas and back and then to Tulsa and back again with the book signings. My little family is feeling the stress. But they also are embracing our mission. 1000 books. One water well. A family mission we've all gotten behind. I think that I have about 200 book left in my possession. This number is rough.
The original printing was split equally. One half to me. One half to a distribution company in Tennessee. They have placed the books on all the usual suspect sites...Amazon, Barnes and and several other book sellers. I took the other half to do book signings and appearances in my area. Wow. And there are only roughly 200 left in my possession.

1000 of any thing can boggle the mind. But 1000 prints of my oldest son's profile is the most exciting, fearful, amazing thing I've done in my entire life. You may order the book at the Pay Pal button above. Look for us on facebook to spread the love and the page dedicated to the book.
Thank you again for just being willing to go on this amazing journey with us.