Dec 12, 2012

One of my favorite people and Ethiopian travelling companions called yesterday.
She was working on a blog post about K, she and I's friendship and the book.
As we talked, she was perusing her pictures from last year's trip to Ethiopia.
She asked me if she had sent me all of the photos from her camera.
I couldn't remember if she had or not.
So I told her to email them to me just in case.
I did.

But this one is my absolute favorite!
Probably of all time.

I have less than 200 still in my possession.
I am blown away and truly humbled by all of this and I am honored that you all have supported me so much through it all.
I just can't wait to sell the remainder so we can start planning the REAL, clean WATER solutions!
So if you want to order, click on the BUY NOW button and order before Friday, so I can ship it for Christmas.
You can now find the book on Amazon and Barnes and
If you received your book and loved it, please go to these websites and rate the book.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.


Kelly G. said...

I received my book yesterday. It is so beautiful and wonderfully written. Thank you so much!!

Mollie said...

hey i'm a semi new blog reader and i'm very interested in your book, but more interested in your story! are you in the process of adopting the boy that your book was based on? your book sounds beautiful and i can't wait to order it!

Rebecca said...

We got the book yesterday and loved it! Great job!!

Unknown said...

Going to try and order it next paycheck, then I will review it on my blog! Great job Lindsey