Dec 4, 2011


It poured here on Saturday.
Biblical rains started immediately as we entered Target.
It didn't stop by the time we checked out, even though we drug ourselves through
the entire store to try and beat the drench.
The Hero offered to get the car while the kids and I waited.
When we all were secured after The Hero's valiant gesture,
true to form, The Dinosaur had a question
"Why Daddy get the car?"
Mommy: "Because daddy is a gentleman. And that is what gentlemen do."
Dinosaur: "Why is Daddy a gentleman?"
Mommy: "Because Grandma raised him right."
A minute later.
Dinosaur: "Mommy, can Grandma make me a gentleman too?"
The Hero and I wondered if The Dinosaur was already doubting our parenting skills and just wanted to skip right over to Grandma's house.

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