Apr 18, 2011

No Longer a Hero

I understand that you originally said "No."

Then it was "Linz, I'm serious."

And finally it was "No one cares that I'm 36 this year and don't you dare post that."

Well, I don't like being told no. And I know when you're really being serious.

And...I absolutely LOVE the fact that you're 36 this year and so do 2 other people.

You were fixing the sink and the kids were finishing lunch.

You were grumbling because one more thing needed fixing.

Your kids were staring because they believe you can fix anything.

The Dinosaur asks "why Daddy fix it all?"

The Angel informs him "because Daddy fixes everything."

The Dinosaur instinctively "Why?"

The Angel, matter-of-factly "Because Daddy is a superhero silly."

So there you have it Daddy. You are no longer just a hero.

You apparently have super powers.

Happy birthday and no matter how old we get, I'm thankful

for every year we spend together,

every day you are home,

and every hour I spend in your arms.

And you still look 25 to me!

Happy 36 Super Hero!


Lindsey said...

I'm your newest follower! Love your name! ;)

Come follow me and watch our adoption journey progress...

Lindsey :)

Matt and Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love that he is a superhero in the kiddos' eyes. That melts my heart!!

Beautiful Mess said...

So sweet!