Apr 11, 2011

A New Prescription

A few weekends ago was Mommy's mandated "Clean Out the Garage Day". While the Hero and I purged our garage of a winter's worth of junk, The Angel and The Dinosaur played in the front yard. They drug out toys and trinkets that they had spent a winter forgetting existed. As the Hero and I feverishly worked to move things around, we pulled an old box that had once housed the Dinosaur's car seat from the garage. The Angel wanted to know what we were going to do with it and I told her that it was not useful for anything and we'd be throwing it away. I sat it towards the side of the garage and went on digging through Christmas ornaments. A few minutes later I noticed the Angel and the Dinosaur were playing in the box. They played there ALL day. Even after Daddy and I finished cleaning, the box remained a consistent plaything. It was a fort, a house, a raceway for cars and a host of other afternoon adventures for a two and six year old. As the Hero and I cleaned up and I watched my babies play, I suddenly got really emotional. I didn't want to forget this moment; watching a sheet of cardboard have a million new adventures. I ran inside and got the camera. I wondered how many children's lives would be different if I and millions like me would take off their "adult glasses" and start seeing things through the eyes of a child. I wondered how many more afternoon romps could take place on our pristine manicured lawns and be made perfect by a child's laughter?

I wonder if we stopped seeing what the world sees and see what Christ sees. I wonder how much more of this world would only love to be loved in return.

I wonder how many children are discarded because we think we are too busy to sit one more place at the table or do one more load of laundry.

I very much believe that the Hero and I were headed down an extremely lonely path only a few short years ago. I know that only Christ changed our perspective on life, but I believe our children were His eyeglasses for us to change how we see the world.

Do you need a new prescription to see?

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Jamie said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Perfect perception Ms. Lindsey.