Feb 1, 2011

Meet the Olivers!

I love a family with a sense of adventure and the Olivers surely fit the bill. After spending two months in Africa last year, they felt pulled to adopt another little boy from Ethiopia. Can I tell you how jealous I am that they spent that much time on one of my favorite continents? Anyway this amazing family's adventures don't stop with their travels. Have I told you that they live on an island off of Alaska? How is that for adventurous?!

The Oliver family blogs at http://oliveradoption.blogspot.com. Go. Read. Then Recycle your Love.


three little birds said...

Thanks so much Lindsey!!
I can't wait to get our Recycle Love T's!
And thanks so much for all you are doing for so many families and kids!
:) Anne

Us4 Cats said...

just wanted to say hi there.

am following your blog now : )

Pretty Pauline said...

Beautiful families, beautiful blog!

three little birds said...

I just found out I was placed on the wait list today!!
What a wonderful day it is!

three little birds said...

Hi Lindsay!
I just wanted to stop by and check in with you. So much has happened since we were a part of your Recycle Love campaign last year. I am now the mother to an incredible little two year old boy! He is still in Ethiopia but his file was submitted to the embassy just a couple of days ago and my fingers are crossed that he will be home with us sometime this summer.
Pics are on the blog!