Feb 28, 2011

Her Momma Carries A Sword

Because of the litigious nature of my legal practice, it is not surprising that I'm a history buff and I especially enjoy reading and studying warfare throughout the ages. The same obsession runs rampant in my office. My senior partner travelled recently and she stumbled into a replica shop that specialized in types of swords.
For each lawyer in my office, she returned with a replica sword that she felt was indicative of each person's individual skill set and trial style. While each person's was unique and extremely accurate of the new owner, it was unanimously voted that mine was a dead ringer for my personality.

It's a replica of the sword that was believed to have been similar to Robin Hood's. It's a small scabbard that was worn close to the skin for easy access. It remains one of my favorite gifts of my life and it is displayed honorably on my desk.

My kids are use to seeing it by now and while they occasionally question its appearance, origin or reason for momma's appreciation for such weaponry, it usually remains unnoticed.

My daughter has a way of disarming me. At the most unexpected times and places she makes a statement or asks a question for which I am unprepared. She bounds into my office today, not unlike every other day and while I'm finishing a phone call, I see her staring at my sword.

Before I can hang up the receiver she triumphantly announces "Mommy, I know why you have that sword."


"Yup. It's so that if anyone ever tried to hurt me or Daddy or Alazar, you will be there to save us. Because Mommy?"

"Yes baby"

"You carry a sword really good."

Ah...it's compliments from a six year old that make you feel like you can take over the world.


Gayla said...

Oh... how my heart loves that girl!!!

And just let me concur that if you were ANY character from history... it would be Robin Hood!!! Perfect!!! :-) Must be wonderful to work with someone who knows you THAT well!!!

Hmmmm... now I'm wondering who *I* would be...

Amy said...

I love your sword schlepping self!!! Couldn't be any more grateful to be a part what God is doing in and with your life. It's been humbling to watch God create in you the bold heart of a defender. You are fierce, friend and I love you so much!

Ellen Enright said...

Oh my!!! Precious!!! I'd love to meet her one day.