Jun 30, 2010

To Educate...Them All!

Yesterday, I asked you to look in the eyes of Kushum and see her. YOU let God speak to your hearts and as of 7:30p.m. yesterday, YOU had raised enough money to send this precious angel to her first year of school . But I owe you an apology. Because when I looked through the profiles of the 12 kids at Asha yesterday, I only saw this face:

I didn't even bother to look at the others. This morning, as I read through the 11 other profiles of the kids at Asha, I ran across this face:

He is the ten year old brother of Kushum. His name is Ravi. At first, I really wanted to rest on our laurels from yesterday. Kushum was going to school. One year of life she is safe from the evil world of a brothel and being offered an education. Wasn't that enough? But as I began to pray about Kushum, I kept being flooded with the knowledge that the sex industry doesn't occur in a vacuum. There are millions of men who pay for the services of young girls and women every day. A lot of women who enter this profession do so against their will and once they are old enough to leave they have no where else to go. But what about the men that pay for such services? These men need to be educated from an early age to value a woman and honor not only a woman's body but his own as well. Who really needs the education? The answer is that they both do. Ravi and Kushum are equal in the eyes of their Heavenly Father and they should be to us too.
People said there was no way we could raise $4884 dollars in 48 hours and send all 12 of the kids at Asha to school. They were right, we didn't. God did it in 28 hours!!!!!!!!!!!
That's right, as of the writing of this post, all 12 children at Asha will begin school tomorrow. Our God is righteous and He loathes injustice. Thank you for helping us slay it on behalf of 12 little ones who right now don't yet know that tomorrow is the start of their new education!

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