Apr 20, 2010

Give Her The Choice!

I have been in love with the man of my dreams for almost seven years now and I am proud to be his wife. I remember in vivid detail falling in love with him the first time we met. And while he still ribs me about my attention to detail, I remember it all. His eyes. His smile. The way we felt in one anothers arms. Warmth from our first kiss. Our first intimate moments.

And while I, like any other hopeless romantic, would like to believe that I had no choice in falling in love with Le, but I distinctly remember also choosing to say to our first date, leaning in when he talked to me and meticulously pondering every detail of my face, hair and outfit before each time I would see him probably means that I played a role in our dating process.

You see, while I believe God brought us together, I also know I consciously let myself fall in love with Le. It was one of the greatest decisions of my life.

I recently joined my fellow Warrior Girls in monthly supporting a girl who has been rescued from the sex trafficking industry. Sex trafficking is not something I've ever put a lot of thought into. Honestly, I had hoped that if I didn't think about it, it would go away. Truth is life never works like that, the more you ignore something, the more it seems to pop up at the craziest of places.

The more I began to pray about our traffic victim, I thought back to Le and I's courtship and how beautiful it all was to me; treasured moments that I keep close to my heart. But what if my first encounter with a man would have been violent and abusive and I had been sold up to 10 times a DAY! How much different would my life be? Where would I be? Would I be dead?

Not being able to choose your circumstances in life is hard. You can't choose your parents, your surroundings or situations surrounding you. But as a woman, we should at least be able to control our own bodies, to make our own decisions about what happens to us on the most intimate of levels. Every 2 minutes, another two girls are sold into sex slavery. If you think that this doesn't happen and doesn't happen here in America, OPEN YOUR EYES!

This Mother's Day, a Rockin' woman at junkposse has offered her talents to help support Children's HopeChest in rescuing women who have been trafficked in the sex industry. $34 of every necklace you purchase, will provide for treatment for a woman rescued. Go here, and do it soon, because tomorrow is your last day! Give a woman her life back! Give her the choice to choose whom she loves!

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Gayla said...

A beautiful post from a beautiful heart.

Such a great way to help everyone to think about this tragic issue- the choice of our intimacy compared to the ugly abuse of theirs. So sad and so sick. What a broken world we live in.