Apr 1, 2010

Day 2

Le and I slept in and just let ourselves rest. Travis met us at the guesthouse about lunchtime and we talked about the kids. We were laughing with Travis because he was telling us that there was a little boy at the toddler house that was such a handful because he was the youngest of 30 and he is babied ALL the time and Le and I kept saying "please don't let that be Alazar". Travis couldn't remember the boy's name, so I stopped asking questions, for fear that he would remember and that the boy's name would be Alazar.

He told us that our embassy date had been moved up from Thursday to Monday and that they wanted to place Ruta and Alazar with us TODAY!

I kind of freaked out. Le and I had purposefully planned our trip so that we would have several days of travelling and exploring Ethiopia before meeting Ruta and Alazar so we could get a sense of the country. And...there was another orphan I wanted to meet first...Kaleab.

We convinced Travis to let us have one day in country before meeting our children so we could grocery shop, distribute some humanitarian aid and meet Kaleab. We left the house about lunch time and Travis hooked us up with a Gladney staffer to go with us to Kaleab's carepoint, Children's Home Ethiopia. Yemamu, our Gladney staffer was a GOD SEND! You will hear a LOT more about him during our time in-country, but for now just know that he is wonderful.

I am going to end this post now. I know that many of you are wanting to know how meeting Kaleab went, but I really feel as though I have to separate our travels in Ethiopia and Kalaeb for the time being. There will be a series of posts about Kaleab after I tell you about our trip to Ruta and Alazar. This is the part of the trip I need to explain fully and completely and he deserves an entire series of posts just about us!


Anonymous said...

Your killin me here! Prayin for all of you.
Micah Frey

Amy said...

Yes, dying to hear about what happened with sweet Kaleab. :)

Erin Moore said...

...at the edge of my seat!