Jan 31, 2010

My CRAZY Shoe Obsession

If you are like me, I LOVE shoes. When given a choice, I would rather buy a pair of shoes than any other addition to my wardrobe. Looking at my shoe collection is a testament to where I've been, what emotions were felt on a particular day or what event occurred. I would be embarrassed to know how many shoes at this moment lie on the bottom of my closet floor.

Valentine's Day is never a big holiday around our house. I told Le when we got married that if he needed one day out of every year to remind him that he loved me, we already had serious problems. Usually gift giving is a card, a small reese's peanut butter heart (YUM!) and he doesn't raise his eyebrows when I buy a new pair of shoes that week. And this year will be no different, except that I didn't buy a pair of shoes, I bought FOUR! You see, Children's Hope Chest has partnered with Simply Love so that each t-shirt you buy before February 1st, an orphan in Ethiopia will be provided a t-shirt and a pair of shoes, probably the first shoes they've ever owned.

The original goal of this project was 400 shoes. But we've exceeded that number. Now the shoes provided will go to Kolfe, an all boys orphanage. Perhaps if we reach over the new goal of 600 shoes, HopeChest will look down the road from Kolfe and bring Kaleab a pair of shoes! Go here, look, shop and be a valentine to someone who will know you love them, by the shoes that are placed on their feet!


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

hey, I wanted to check out this link. pretty sure I saw it somewhere else too and can't find it! grrrr.

anyway, your links not working - please share again!

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

and this is why I hate that I'm a procrastinator! decided to search and saw that they are out of shirts. :(

let this serve as a lesson to act fast!

but WOW!!! over 700 shirts sold - amazing!!!