Jun 27, 2009

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Unloved!

I was cleaning my house a couple of weekends ago and I came across a box of beanie babies that I had had when I was a kid. They haven't been doing anything except sitting in a box, so I pulled them out and dusted them off. I thought about how the craze of beanies was ridiculous only a few years ago. How fickle we humans are! Once loved, then discarded in a box never to be loved again. So as with almost everything lately, I began to think about how they could be recycled, re-used and reloved. As I was mulling this over, Le and I had a conversation with our adoption agency about travelling, humanitarian aid and other specifics about our trip to Ethiopia. Since Le and I sponsor a child from Children's HopeChest, and our sponsor child lives in Addis, we were really curious about being able to visit him when we travel. Our agency told us that they will have a very flexible itinerary for us, but we will be assigned and driver and can visit whatever orphanage we wanted while we were there! After our agency hung up, Le and I continued to talk and my light bulb went off...what child wouldn't love their own beanie baby? They are light weight, adorable and people in the USA are just giving them away at garage sales!
Although I was pumped about my new idea, I have to admit that I was also a little embarrassed. What if the orphanages would think I am crazy for bringing toys instead of food and clothes? Would they really be appreciative of beanies? So I held off on asking anyone about such a thing...until last night. I was talking via Facebook with a good friend who has been to Africa before and when I told her, she thought it was a great idea and that I should get to work. So that is all the prodding that I needed. I called everyone I knew and at this moment, there are over 300 beanies sitting in my closet waiting for their new found African friends. So I pose the question to you...Do you have any tired, unloved beanies that are just taking up your closet space? Need something to do with them? Want to send them to Africa? Let me know and I will gladly pack them with us and when Le and I travel to pick up our little one(s) we will distribute them to the orphanage(s) that we visit. If we get a lot of them, we are going to mail them to Addis and pick them up once we arrive! I love this idea and can't wait to see the look on the kids' faces to have a toy of their own!


Sara said...

What a sweet idea.

A&W said...

what a precious idea!!!i love it! if I come across any beanie babies, I will send them your way! you will be giving so many kids a smile!!