Jun 24, 2009

Because HE Just Knows!

I have found that blogging that become a release for me in so many ways. People who know me well would tell you that I am a really private person. My law partner tells me I'd be a great poker player because I am what she calls "close to the chest", basically that I keep everything close to my armor. I like that about me...it's safe. I can't get hurt that way. But through this process, I have learned that to love, to live, to grow, to experience life, is to put yourself out into the world and just be whoever it is that God made you to be. It is funny to me that by drafting a few words and posting them into oblivion, I feel released, challenged, informative and free. I am also amazed at how many deep and wonderful friendships have come from talking into cyberspace. I spent almost an hour on the phone last night with a sister in Christ that I have never met in person, and if I hadn't stalked her blog and seen her picture, I wouldn't have known her on the street. It just shows me how much our God uses a potential small adventure into Ethiopia to open up a world of possibilities.
I love music, have I told you that about me yet. I have to admit that I love to sing in the car, the shower or while I am making dinner (I usually always have to be alone...it is THAT bad!). I have been listening to a new album by Steven Curtis Chapman and my favorite song is called You Are Being Loved. The first time I heard it, I burst into tears because all I could think of is "this is the song I am singing for my children!"
Last night as my "cyber sister" and I chatted away, I mentioned the song and she laughed. She had already posted a video on YouTube with pictures of Ugandan children set to the tune of "You are Being Loved". I about fell over. Not only does our God know the plans He has for us, but He has known them forever. Thank you Jesus, for knowing the plans that you have for me.


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

love, love, love it! (sniff, sniff)

Brandi said...

Awe. . you made me cry!!!

I pretty much love that WHOLE album! My kids and I dance to CRAZY all the time and I shout out with tears in my eyes, "she used to drive a beamer but I've never seen her any happier than she is now"

Love it and LOVE this connection!

Jman's momma said...

You know, a very Godly woman I sought for counsel told me I don't like to "feel things." I am guarded too. But for some reason out here in blog world I just blurt it all out. It is really cool and strangely cathartic.

Music - LOVE SCC, saw him in Beijing, how cool is that. He was at the International church. We were there on a mission trip. He sang - YOURS, from that same album I believe. And how about Sara Groves - When the Saints and I Saw What I Saw.

Oh and to keep from posting again on the more recent post - that is a lot of beanies - the kids will have fun with them. Suckers are good too. We also did balloon hats and swords - CRAZINESS!!!! we got mobbed :)

~ anne