May 17, 2009

Much Needed Rest

This weekend, Le was off of work and we got to be together for two whole days. With his schedule at the fire department, this only happens every three weekends, so being together for so long on the weekends is sometimes a little crazy. Last post, my wonderful husband hacked into my blog and recorded a very sweet message for me; I was blown away. Thank you my love! This next week is going to be quite the challenge at work and it was nice to spend some time at home, relaxing. Also, if any of you need some great beads from Uganda, I have the place for you. These beads are made from TRASH! and are made by individuals living in Uganda. Brandi, who works closely with Children's HopeChest is selling them on her website. All the money goes straight back to Uganda. So go get as many as you want!


Amy said...

I love those beads. I ordered a few from Brandi too. Have you heard of Light Gives Heat? Check it.
They sell Suubi beads (Same thing... I wear the one I have all the time) as well as cute cute Africa shirts. All proceeds benefit their work in Uganda!!!

Brandi said...

Yeah!!! You are awesome! Thanks so much for buying them and even more for writing about them!