May 21, 2009

The List

Awhile back, Le and I were driving to Tulsa. During the ride, I broke out a pen and a piece of paper and Le and wrote out a list of all of the places in the world that we wanted to see before we died. We made a pretty impressive recitation of places we were looking forward to visiting. I remember very specifically asking Le if he ever wanted to go to Africa; he said not really and I left the country off of our list. Over the last several months, Africa has not only become a place that Le and I want to go and see, but a place where we have sent our hearts and the ONLY place we want to be. Today, as I was going through the papers on my desk, I found our list. I laughed and wrote "AFRICA" across the top.
Thank you Lord for allowing our dreams to be flexible and for having your desires become our own.


A&W said...

don't you love how God can change our hearts and minds to be what He wants for us?! Summer of 2006, Aaron and I were coming back from Europe and being at World Cup for soccer, and we were talking about how the next World Cup will be held in South Africa. Almost without thinking, we were like, "Nope probably won't be going to that one, don't really want to go to Africa." I wish that wasn't true, but we just were oblivious to the happenings and the huge need in Africa. Precious people living there... Here we are 3 years later, with a passion for Africa, and a desire so deep to step foot on this great place and bring a child home. So loving your List!! :)

A&W said...
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