Jun 1, 2014

Obsessed With Growing

I've fallen in love with gardening over the last several years. 
Flowers, veggies, putting on gloves and digging in the dirt make my eyes light up.
On weekends where there are  no soccer tournaments or family events, 
we head to several farmer's markets, hardware stores and gardening centers
where I spend hours buying local produce, gardening soil, seeds and plants. 

My kids are sick and tired of hearing me say 
"What if we just bought a farm, moved to the country and acted like pioneers?"

To say the least, I am married to and raising city folk.


If gardening was fun four months ago, losing my little brother has turned planting things 
into a full blown passion.

The Hero tells me all the time that I am obsessed with growing things. 

I balked at this statement for a few weeks. 
But after several hours outside yesterday, I looked around to notice I have indeed become
somewhat determined to overflow bare dirt with things that grow. 

Empty pots, flower beds, vases, and bare ground better beware around the Andrews Casa lately.
It's the best therapy for grief I know. 

I am definitely a battle wounded warrior, as are so many others who have lost someone they love.

Living here, fulfilling purpose is about growing, not only ourselves but those around us so that there can be something beautiful, here on Earth and one day in heaven. 

So yes, perhaps I am obsessed with growing things. 

Not only in the ground, but in the hearts and lives of whom I come into contact.

So go grow something today. 

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