Apr 20, 2014

Being Drug Into Spring

It appears that Oklahoma has officially entered into spring.

Everything is changing colors.
The weatherman reports warmer temperatures are here to stay.
People are out walking their dogs, playing in the parks and buzzing with the hype of impending summer.

We are spending more time outside with soccer and gardening.
The thrill of watching things change and become green is still thrilling to the kids.
Promises of berries and jam, swimming and fun are all they talk about these days.
They have even braved getting in the swimming pool a couple of times already.

I want so badly to replicate their excitement. 
To get lost in the anticipation that comes with changing seasons.

I make myself spend time in the garden every day.
Some days, I just meander through, watering plants and pulling weeds.
Other days, I spend hours planting, pruning, working to utter exhaustion. 
Just so that I can be able to sleep.

But as much as I try, I just cannot bring myself to fully embrace the season change.
The last season you saw was the bitter cold of winter. 
And there is so much of my heart that is frozen from the ache of missing you.
I suppose that I deep down fear that welcoming spring, will mean I forget all about the last winter you lived. 

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