Jan 1, 2014

Dear 2013!

Dear 2013,

          Thank you for blessing us with your presence. I am so grateful for all the time you allotted to my little family these previous 365 days. It was an honor denied to several we loved and lost this year and we do not reflect back on the gift of the present lightly. While your brother 2014, is currently among us, The Andrews Clan wanted to take a minute to personally thank you...2013. There were laughs and tears, screams of cries and peals of laughter. A fun vacation made better by having out of town friends arrive the day after we returned for a week long adventure of friend fun. There was wine and whining, winning at game night and losing at friendships and yet through it all, we were together. 
          The Hero and I were blessed by a work/play trip to the beach and the kids were slathered all year by family members who adore them well. We lost a beloved family member this year too 2013. Our beloved fur baby Bentley, the start and witness of The Hero and I's relationship and one of the only ones who knew us from the beginning. He is missed daily and The Dinosaur still gets confused and to why Bentley won't leave Heaven for an afternoon and come visit. Honestly, sometimes I wonder that too. 
           There were ticks up the growth charts and pounds added to the scale (parents included) and while the sadness of us all aging is real, it is also more proof that we are blessed. 
            Again 2013, you have my purest thanks. While I am excited for whatever our future brings, you were definitely one for the books and we were honored to be with you. 


The Andrews

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