May 31, 2013

Changing It Up A Bit

So I went through a bunch of weird health stuff a few months ago and through it I learned that I have developed adult asthma. In doing some research and learning about the different things people are allergic to and triggers for those people, I learned a lot about how many people are making a lot of their own daily products at home. I was intrigued so I thought I would try something we use every day and make it.
I found a "recipe" for homemade body wash on Pinterest, because well, we go through soap and body wash around here like we're made of the stuff.
The ingredients were really simple.

1 gallon of water
8oz bar of soap
2 tbs of glycerin
Grate the soap like cheese.

Add the water and the grated soap to a stock pot and dissolve the soap into the water over low heat.

Remove from heat and allow it to sit for 10-12 hours.
Once it sat overnight, the instructions said to take a hand mixer and mix the pot until it is thick.
Then add to a gallon container.
Mine never really got thick. It just looked like cloudy water. I went ahead and added several drops of lavender essential oil and changed the containers in our showers to the new stuff.

The family said that they were not that impressed. It was really fluid and never really soaped or foamed, so they felt like they were using twice as much as normal. But at under a $1 for the whole mix, they are going to use it until it runs out!
Oh well, maybe I'm not so domesticated after all, or maybe Pinterest is wrong as much as it is right.
- Hugs n Love,

All Days Should Be That Good

For Easter, the kids got their own fishing poles and bait kits. What can I say? It's what they get for being adopted by really outdoorsy people. They were mesmerized and although we have had two opportunities since for them to use their poles, The Hero and I decided that for Memorial Day, we would not disappoint them. We'd make an entire day of fishing.
Only one problem.
We had no idea where to go.
Some friends of ours have an amazing property not far from us, but like most good friends, it's been too long since we've seen them. We called and asked if we could bring the kids out to fish and they were elated. Due to all our recent rain, there had been no time to weed out the perch fish from the pond. Apparently, perch fish eat the eggs of other, more desirable fish. So perch fishing it was.
The Hero and I headed to the store for bait and picnic snacks.
Mommy got REALLY side tracked when we stopped by a local farm and bought produce...I may or may not have filled up the back of our car with flowers, veggies and fruit to plant in our back yard. The kids were allegedly DYING to go fishing, so I crammed the remaining treasures in our car and off we went.
Their poles weren't in the water 30 seconds before both of them had caught fish. For almost three hours, The Hero baited the hooks, Mommy wore the glove to remove the fish from the hooks and tossed them on the bank. The Angel caught almost 50 fish!

She squealed and giggled and yelled "I CAUGHT ONE. I CAUGHT ONE."

It was so much fun.

And all the while, The Dinosaur acted tough and brave.
But he still didn't want them too close to him once they were pulled from the water.

We laughed and played and drove home exhausted. They were filthy and fishy and we recounted the catches of the day.

The Dino was asleep before his body was dried off from his bath. The Angel snuggled up to The Hero and whispered "Every day should be that good."
They were both asleep before 7:30, so The Hero and I made a light dinner and poured glasses of wine and snuck out to the patio to toast the day.

Yes Angel, every day should be that good.

- Hugs n Love,


May 4, 2013

How Can He Be Five.

A few days ago we said Happy Birthday to The Dinosaur. I find it so hard to believe he's that old. While his personality and body are developing and changing every day, I still see him as the tiny, shy baby we brought home three years ago.

I remember the night years ago that The Dinosaur fell asleep in the car coming home from dinner out. I opened the door and was trying to cradle him in my arms without waking him when The Hero asked if I wanted him to take over. I told him no, because there would come a day when I would be unable to carry him myself. Unfortunately, that time is almost upon me. A few nights ago, The Dino fell asleep on the couch downstairs. He was so heavy, I struggled to make it up the stairs with him because his feet were kicking me in the knees!

Happy belated birthday Dinosaur. You may never really know all that you have taught and brought into my life.

Such a character!

May all your dreams await you, with the passion you possess.

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