May 4, 2013

How Can He Be Five.

A few days ago we said Happy Birthday to The Dinosaur. I find it so hard to believe he's that old. While his personality and body are developing and changing every day, I still see him as the tiny, shy baby we brought home three years ago.

I remember the night years ago that The Dinosaur fell asleep in the car coming home from dinner out. I opened the door and was trying to cradle him in my arms without waking him when The Hero asked if I wanted him to take over. I told him no, because there would come a day when I would be unable to carry him myself. Unfortunately, that time is almost upon me. A few nights ago, The Dino fell asleep on the couch downstairs. He was so heavy, I struggled to make it up the stairs with him because his feet were kicking me in the knees!

Happy belated birthday Dinosaur. You may never really know all that you have taught and brought into my life.

Such a character!

May all your dreams await you, with the passion you possess.

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