Jun 15, 2013

Old & New Again Friends

I've been blogging for almost 4 years now. 
The kids have been home for over 3. 
Out of all the people in the adoption community we've "met" online and in person, there are still those couples who we think "would love to meet them. Would love to see our kids play togther.", etc.
One of those families is the Briggs family from Colorado Springs.
Through our adoption journey we learned we had a lot in common.
Early 30s. 
No biological children at the time of our first adoption.
And adopted two children at the same time, of almost exactly similar ages.
Our kids were even born in the same region of Ethiopia and
were together at their foster care in Ethiopia for a time.
So imagine our excitement when Juli emailed me and said they would be driving through Oklahoma on vacation and wanted to know if we could meet up for lunch.
We were thrilled.
The Angel has been asking for a sister for years and having her former buddy back for even a short while did nothing to diminish her desire.
What a beautiful short time with old friends who were made new again today.

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