Sep 15, 2010

One of THOSE Days & Some Great Shirts

Dropping off Alazar at daycare is pretty routine. I carry him from the car, he obligatorily kisses me goodbye, and sometimes watches me walk out the door before joining his gaggle of friends fighting over matchbox cars. But on special days he will scream as I am walking out the door "I LALAOU MOMMY". "I love you too son" and my day is sunnier. Today was crazy. I dropped him off, we kissed and he watched me walk out the door. I stopped for a second at the porch to see Alazar's face and lips crammed against the glass. I got a little teary and kissed the door and peeled myself away. As I got in the car and drove away, my sweet son was still standing with his face pressed against glass, giant smile, yelling "I LALAOU MOMMY!"
"I LOVE YOU ALAZAR! You made Mommy's day!" AH, it was one of those days that this Mommy will treasure.

A few days ago, a fellow bloggy friend mailed us some of their adoption tees! I finally got a chance to photograph us tonight in them. Check out the Jenkins adoption tees:

LOVE that they have pink ones, especially so Ruta and Mommy can match:
Le sporting his Men's brown ringer tee:

Alazar digging his toddler hoodie. I love this one the most because my kids are always seeing images of Africa on Le and I's shirts and they keep wanting ones of their own.

The Andrews' family, in love with helping others and sporting our Jenkins' family gear!

Thank you Debi! Praying you closer to your little one. Check out the Jenkins family blog and go buy a t-shirt.


Gayla said...

Love your shirts!
Love your family!
Love that Alazar the Alosaurus was so sweet!
Love it all!!!!!!!!!!!

Debi Jenkins said...

Lindsey. Thanks for the nice plug for our shirts! I love seeing pictures of you all wearing them! Do you mind if I grab those pictures and put them on my blog? It's so neat to see those precious kids I've been reading about for months wearing a "piece of our family.". Thanks!!


Sydney said...

How much are the shirts? I love them!!!